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A tale of two christenings

The church that we are part of and attend each Sunday is one that holds some very special memories for us as a family. It was the church that my hubby was christened in, grew up in and was part of Boys’ Brigade company. When I moved to the area, it made sense to me to go there too – I already knew some of the people and I was made to feel incredibly welcome.… Read more

The Friday Focus 27/03/15

The coughs and colds might continue to linger, but with my big girl performing in her first ever preschool concert this week and both my girlies receiving signing certificates at their Tiny Talk class, my overall word for this week has to be proud.

The Friday Focus 27/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

I am so proud of Jessica for having settled in to preschool so well and being able to watch her taking part in the Easter concert and enjoying being with the other children on her last day of the spring term was such a joy.… Read more

The Friday Focus – 31/10/14

This week’s word of the week is:

WOTW 31-10-14Sophie turned one on Monday and we celebrated her birthday with a party on Saturday with family and friends. Both the girls had a wonderful time. We also had Auntie Maxine come to stay for a few days and had a new baby arrive in the family – my great-nephew Ethan who was born the day before Sophie’s birthday.… Read more

Sophie’s birth story

I had hoped for a home waterbirth when I was expecting my first daughter, Jessica, in 2011 but when she was diagnosed antenatally with a complex heart condition, our plans changed and I chose to birth her in hospital as she needed heart surgery very soon after birth. Although Jessica’s birth (with the help of forceps) was much more medicalised than I would have originally hoped for, it was still a very positive experience and I am hugely grateful to all the team at Southampton – without the wonderful care Jessica received there, she would not be here today.… Read more

To Sophie

This week’s Prose for Thought poem is for my baby girl who will be celebrating her first birthday on Monday:

Little one snuggled up so nice and warm
Can it really be a year since the day you were born?
That newborn baby has gone forever
She’s now a little girl – so big, so clever
With wobbly steps and a smile so bright
Exploring the world, full of delight
Giving sloppy kisses and sticky pats
“Mum-mum”, “da-da” – love to hear her chat
Always on the go, following big sister about
Grabbing at the toys which causes Jessica to shout!… Read more