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The fairies' High Street - a selection of fairy doors on a tree trunk

A fairies and elves trail at Black Park

When we were putting together our summer activities list, one of Jessica’s requests was “to find some fairies.” A few days later I discovered that Black Park were running a Fairies and Elves trail at the beginning of August – the perfect opportunity to go hunting for fairies and tick another activity off the list.… Read more

Easter trail at Black Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Easter Trail at Black Park

We’ve been to Black Park quite a few times before but never really explored it other than just walking around the lake towards the café and the children’s play area.  Taking part in the Easter trail was the perfect opportunity to explore more fully whilst also having the fun of trying to find things along the way.… Read more

A walk around Black Park

With the weather becoming colder and greyer, we’ve not been out and about so much – other than travelling to various groups and classes, or going shopping. One of the things I love about trying to join in with Country Kids most weeks is that it really does encourage me to make sure I do arrange some outdoor activities with the girls – I know I like to semi-hibernate this time of year but given the girls have wellies, warm clothes and all-in-one waterproofs, there really is very little excuse not to get out and about still.… Read more