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A drawing showing a daddy and child asleep in a double bed and mummy and another child asleep in a toddler bed

There were four in the bed – a tale of bedsharing woe

In the still of the night when Mummy’s curled up fast asleep

Over to her bed, one (or two) children creep

“Please, Mummy,” they ask, “can we sleep in your bed?”

A bleary-eyed Mummy sighs, nodding her head.

But she knows how the rest of the night will now go

This is her tale of bedsharing woe:

A drawing of a mummy, daddy and two children in a double bed - "There were four in the bed: a tale of bedsharing woe"


There was one in the bed and the Mummy said “how lovely, how lovely!”

So she rolled over and stretched herself out and drifted off to sleep before being woken moments later by the patter of small feet.… Read more