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Win a brunch for two with POM Wonderful

Win a brunch for two with POM Wonderful

As a busy mummy of two with a tendency to burn the candle at both ends, I’m somewhat reliant on a cup of coffee or two in the mornings to get me going.  Sometimes I wonder if I drink a little too much coffee though, and whether it would be best to swap my mid-morning cuppa with another drink.  I was recently invited to do just that – to swap my coffee for some POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice over a delicious brunch.… Read more

Cookies cooling on a wire rack

Review – Real Baking Cookie Kit

I’ve been enjoying another baking session with my girls following on from last week’s attempt at making cake pops.  This week, we have been making cinnamon cookies and trying out the Cookie Kit from Vivid’s Real Baking range.

Real Baking Cookie Kit containing a rolling pin, dough guide, silicon baking mat, cookie cutters and a piping bag


The Cookie Kit consists of a selection of cookie cutters in different shapes, a rolling pin, a silicon baking sheet and dough guide and a piping bag.   It’s designed to be used once the cookie dough itself is made as it doesn’t include any utensils or recipes for making the cookies.… Read more

Review – Real Baking Cake Pops kit

I love baking with my girls.  One of our favourite things to make together is cupcakes – they’re quick and easy to make and the girls have the fun of decorating them too.  Although I’ve made cupcakes with the girls several times, I’ve never tried making cake pops before.  Being sent some products from Vivid’s Real Baking range, including the Cake Pops kit provided me with the perfect excuse to give it a try.… Read more

Review – Fantastic Services oven cleaning

I have to confess that oven cleaning is one of those jobs that I constantly put off doing.  I’ll wash the grill pan, wipe the hob over and give the front of the oven a quick clean, but cleaning the oven properly – well, it just doesn’t happen as often as it should.  The trouble was, that I’d been putting it off so long that my oven really was quite disgusting and I knew I really needed to just grit my teeth and get on with it.  Thankfully, that moment happened to coincide with an email from Fantastic Services inviting me to review one of their services, which included oven cleaning.  The opportunity to have someone else do my least-favourite chore for me was not one I was about to turn down.… Read more

Munchkin bath cups filled with bubbles

Review – Munchkin baby and toddler products

We’ve used a few Munchkin products over the years – Grippy Dots in the bath, soft tip spoons for weaning and the travel booster seat for eating out. We were recently sent a selection of baby and toddler items from Munchkin to try out.  Although my girls are a little older than the target age range for the products we were sent, we enjoyed trying them out.  Here’s what we thought.… Read more

CaseApp custom phone case and laptop skin – review and giveaway

One of the best presents my hubby ever bought me was a personalised case for my iPhone.  It was our first Christmas as a family of four and the case was printed with a photo of the four of us, taken when Sophie was just a week old.  A happy moment captured and remembered every time I picked up my phone.  Sadly, two-and-a-half years on, the photo has become very faded.  I had been thinking about getting a new case when I was contacted by CaseApp inviting me to review a custom case/skin for my phone and laptop – the perfect opportunity to replace my tired-looking case with a new one featuring an updated photo.… Read more

Kidloland nursery rhymes app - review and giveaway

Kidloland Nursery Rhymes app – Review and giveaway

Both my girls love singing along to nursery rhymes and watching nursery rhyme videos on the iPad so when I was recently offered the chance to review the Kidloland Nursery Rhymes app, I thought it sounded like something that the girls would enjoy.

I have 5 x 3month subscriptions for the Kidloland nursery rhymes app to give away to my readers


The app is aimed at children under the age of five.  I was quite amazed by just how much content is available within the app – more than 245 nursery rhymes and over 100 different games and activities, including jigsaw puzzles, shape sorting games and images to colour in.  There are lots of different categories available on the app – nursery rhymes, ABCD songs, phonics, activities, Old Macdonald songs, vehicles, animal kingdom, fruits and vegetables, Row Your Boat, numbers, lullabies, colors and shapes, months and days, games and Christmas songs.  Enough to keep my girls amused for quite some time – which sounds ideal for car journeys if we end up planning a road trip this summer!… Read more

The Disney Movie Collection from Parragon Books - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Disney Movie Collection from Parragon Books

Reading books and Frozen – two things that my girls love. We’ve introduced a few other Disney films to the mix but Frozen has certainly remained the firm favourite (with Toy Story being a close contender for the top spot at times).  When I found out that this month’s Book Buddies books from Parragon Books were Frozen and Jungle Book, I knew that I would have two very happy little girls on my hands – and I wasn’t wrong!… Read more

Dr. Beckmann products for washing machine and dishwasher – Review and Giveaway

My washing machine and dishwasher are essential items in my house – both of them feeling like they are in almost constant use at time. The thought of either of them breaking down is enough to leave me in a cold sweat.  I know that cleaning and limescale removal are both important in helping prolong the life of them both and was recently sent some products from Dr.Read more