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Thoughts at 3AM: Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things about parenthood. Nothing really prepares you for it. The mind-numbing, all-consuming exhaustion that comes with a repeated lack of quality sleep. The way it affects your mood and your sanity. Those moments when it seems almost everyone else is sleeping and you feel alone.… Read more

If only I could bottle the moments…

The other night, I was woken by my big girl climbing into our bed and making herself comfy between hubby and me.  As she snuggled against me and fell asleep, I gazed at her little face and my heart melted.  I wished I could capture that moment, bottle it up and keep it forever.  The warmth of her little body against me, that beautiful relaxed sleepy face, the way she was holding on to my hand.  That beautiful feeling of completeness, of knowing that everything we needed in that moment was right there.… Read more

Now you are three

Darling Sophie

Today you are three years old.  Those three years since you were born have passed by in the blink of an eye.  No longer a baby, no longer really a toddler – you are a little girl who likes to be as independent as possible.  “I can do it myself!” is a phrase I hear frequently – and you are determined to at least give it a try even if you sometimes do end up asking “can you help me, Mummy?”  I love your determination and your willingness to try.… Read more

A moment when I am just mummy and nothing more

There are days when motherhood feels overwhelming. Days when the to-do list seems too long and the time too short.  Days when I feel like I am trying to juggle too many balls in the air.  Days when tempers flare too easily; when the small irritations feel like last straws.  Days when it feels like the simplest of tasks takes forever to accomplish and the demands of small children feel relentless.… Read more

The Mummy Tag

I love reading about other bloggers’ approaches to parenting in my weekly Parenting Pep Talk guest post series.  We’re all so different in the choices we make, trying to do what works best for our own families.  A couple of months ago, I was tagged by Fizzyjazzle to take part in the Mummy Tag and share some of my approaches to parenting.  It’s taken me a while to get around to answering the questions but here they are:

Me and my girls on a day out at Osterley Park - The Mummy Tag


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To Jessica on her last day of preschool

Darling Jessica,

I can’t quite believe we’re here; that today is your last day of preschool.  It doesn’t feel so very long ago that I walked you to preschool for the first time and came home and cried a little at the thought that my baby girl was big enough to be going to preschool.  How long those three hours before I came to collect you seemed – wondering how you were getting on, whether you were enjoying yourself, whether you missed me.… Read more

The truth about co-sleeping - Little Hearts, Big Love

The truth about co-sleeping

Co-sleeping always sounded like the perfect solution to sleep deprivation.  Snuggling up with my baby, being able to feed them while lying down, both of us dozing off, just drifting in and out of beautiful slumber…  Then as they grew into toddlers, the reassurance of Mummy and Daddy’s presence nearby in the night, being able to soothe them instantly if they had a bad dream and drifting back to sleep once more.  Snuggled up together, sleeping blissfully – it sounded perfect.  Four years on from those pre-baby fantasies of what co-sleeping would be like, I have learned that while co-sleeping might be a way of getting a little more sleep, it is not quite that blissful snuggly slumber that I imagined it would be.… Read more

The #NoComplaints challenge – can you go a day without complaints, criticism or negative thinking?

I was recently inspired by Cuddle Fairy to take part in the #NoComplaints challenge – trying to go a whole day without complaints, criticism or negative thinking. Whilst I try to be quite a positive person, I know that I can also get quickly sucked into a spiral of negativity (especially when tired) and this sounded like a good challenge to try.… Read more