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Jessica and Sophie out and about at the park

Sunny winter afternoons at the park

The days are starting to get longer which means we can now start to fit in a trip to the park after school. The girls got a scooter each for Christmas and the park is just the right distance away for them to ride them there and back (and not too far if I end up having to carry them!)

Jessica on the slide at the park: Sunny winter afternoons at the park

We’ve been lucky with the weather this past week – it’s been cold but sunny.… Read more

Jessica and Sophie looking at the flowers in the grounds of Charney Manor

Outdoor fun at Charney Manor

Every eighteen months or so, our church organises a weekend away. It’s a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, time to reflect on our faith and to build friendship. For the girls, it was mostly about having time to do crafts and to have fun outdoors and getting to be with our extended church family.… Read more

Do you want to build a scarecrow?

I’ve never attempted to build a scarecrow before but when I spotted on Facebook that a nearby farm shop was organising a community fundraising day to build a scarecrow and help raise funds for CalAid, I thought it sounded like fun.  Family time together plus doing something for a good cause – what wasn’t to like?  They were also collecting clothes for the refugees in the Calais jungle which was very handy as I’d just had a big clear-out.… Read more

Staying safe in the sun with Boots Soltan - Little Hearts, Big Love

Staying safe in the sun with Boots Soltan

We’ve always been a family who like to get outdoors as much as possible, especially when it’s warm and sunny.  Staying safe in the sun is extra-important at this time of year – the risk of sunburn is at its peak between March and October in the UK.  Over-exposure to the UV radiation is a major cause of skin cancer, with sunburn in childhood being a key risk factor.  Teaching our children how to stay safe in the sun whilst still being able to have fun is so important and Boots Soltan have created a fabulous online resource for parents and schools to help our children learn how to be sun-safe.… Read more

Four cousins creating a nature collage in the garden in Spring

Creating a nature collage in the garden – the Spring edition

Earlier in the year, we created a nature collage in the garden and with the girls’ twin cousins visiting from Luxembourg and Grandma planning a lunch for everyone in the garden, it seemed a good opportunity to repeat it.

Creating a nature collage in the garden - one of our favourite outdoor activities

The thing I love most about this activity is how easy it is to set up.  I taped two large sheets of coloured card inside the tuff spot, drizzled PVA glue across them and then left the girls to find whatever objects they wanted to stick to the cardboard.… Read more

Outdoor play in hospital - Little Hearts, Big Love

Outdoor play in hospital

The early part of this week was mostly spent confined to a hospital room after Jessica was admitted to hospital on Monday with low oxygen sats and a chest infection. With Jessica feeling poorly and needing a little oxygen to help bring her sats back up, she wasn’t too bothered about being confined to bed – as long as there were jigsaw puzzles, drawing boards and Daddy’s iPad to help keep her entertained.… Read more

A walk in Langley Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

A walk in Langley Park

Langley Park is one of our favourite places to visit. Usually, we just visit the Temple Gardens and the play area but this time I decided to try and walk down to the arboretum with the girls. The arboretum is around half a mile from the car park which I thought would be a reasonable walk with Jessica, especially as she had coped so well with doing the Stick Man trail recently.… Read more