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Now you are five

Darling Jessica

Yesterday you started school for the first time and today we are celebrating your fifth birthday.  Can it really be five years since I held you in my arms for the first time and felt such a huge rush of joy that you were here?  Somehow those five years seem to have flown by and yet at the same time, the time before your arrival seems a distant memory.  From the moment I found out I was expecting you, you have filled my world so completely that I cannot properly remember life before you.  You and Sophie are my world and being your Mummy gives me more joy than I could describe.… Read more

To Jessica on her 4th birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

To Jessica on her 4th birthday

Darling Jessica,

This time four years ago, we didn’t know if we would even have four days with you – to have been blessed with four years is just amazing. What a rollercoaster those four years have been with all your hospital stays and heart surgeries. You have been through so much in your four years on this earth and you amaze me every day with your strength and your zest for life.… Read more

Friday 13th – a day that changed our lives forever

Friday 13th May 2011. A day that was hugely significant for us; a hospital appointment that would change our lives forever. Looking back, I recall it as a series of flashback moments. Walking into the hospital holding hubby’s hand, my legs shaking and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.… Read more

Four years of being a heart family

Four years ago, we walked into a scan room full of excitement at the prospect of getting to see our baby and left with our world turned completely upside-down. Four years since we started our journey as a heart family. Four years ago, we were devastated and scared, not knowing where or how we would find the strength for the steps that lay ahead and clinging to our faith and belief that somehow God would help us endure what had to be endured.… Read more

Trusting my instincts

As a parent, I am the expert where my two children are concerned. I know them better than anyone else; their milestones, their likes, their dislikes and the way they deal with things that happen in their little worlds and their approach to life.

Since becoming a mother, I have generally parented by instinct and whilst I will read the occasional parenting book and listen to well-meaning advice, I will often reject that advice if it doesn’t fit with what my instincts are telling me (with the occasional exception for medical advice particularly where Jessica is concerned).   I try not to compare when my children achieve their milestones with when other children their age do so – each child is an individual and does things at their own pace.… Read more

To us on the day we became heart parents

I see you sitting there in that scan room. Cold with fear and the terrible realisation that something is wrong, very wrong with your baby’s heart. I see you clinging to each other, neither wanting to voice the terrible thought that fills both your minds – that your child will die.… Read more

Congenital heart defects: books for children

One of the challenges that I will face as Jessica gets older is trying to explain her heart condition to her and why she has a zipper scar on her chest and needs to go into hospital for surgery and other procedures. With this in mind, I have bought several children’s books about CHD to help her to understand.… Read more

Review: Heart Warriors – Amanda Rose Adams

Amanda Rose Adams’ son Liam was diagnosed with several complex congenital heart defects (CHDs) at a second trimester ultrasound scan. His parents were faced with the choice to have a late termination or put their child through countless open-heart surgeries in order to give him a chance to survive. Heart Warriors is Amanda’s account of their journey as a heart family, from diagnosis, through Liam’s twelve surgeries to Amanda’s work in raising awareness of CHD and providing a support network to other families in similar positions.… Read more

Black & White Photography Project #31

As it is CHD Awareness Week, I am sharing a photo of my little heart warrior and her zipper scar for this week’s black and white photography project.  Her scar is the outward sign of everything that she has endured to get to where she is today and I am so very proud of her and thankful to be blessed with my beautiful little girl.… Read more