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Looking back on 2016

It’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it? On the news front it feels like quite a depressing year looking back – the horrors of what has been happening in Syria, the shock of the Brexit vote and Trump being elected US President, and the deaths of so many celebrities. I have to confess I’m not convinced that 2017 is really going to be any better on that front but it would be good to be proved wrong.… Read more

21 Questions

I love the various bloggers’ tags that pop up on blogs from time to time and reading all the different answers to the various questions posed.  They’re a fun way of finding out a little more about the bloggers behind the blog.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been tagged in a couple of bloggers’ tags posts – firstly by the Sunita at Lucky Things in the Sunshine Blogger Award and then by Helena at Queen of Collage in the Q&A Blogger Tag.  Thank you both for tagging me – and here are my answers to your questions.… Read more

Seeking refuge in the cocoon of childhood

Dear little girls

I watch you both sleeping, gaze at your peaceful content faces. You dream away, oblivious to the increasing craziness of the world around you.

Jessica and Sophie having a cuddle - "Seeking refuge in the cocoon of childhood"

I am afraid for you. I am afraid of this increasingly dark world in which you are growing up. Afraid of the hatred that is out there, in a world that seems to be becoming more broken by the day.… Read more

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award

I was recently nominated by Squirmy Popple (thank you!) in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  It’s been a little while since I’ve joined in with one of these awards and I always love to read the different questions and responses from them and learning more about the bloggers behind the blog.  Here are the answers to the questions I was given by Squirmy Popple:

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers badge


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Can I freeze this moment please?

A sunny afternoon, watching my girls having fun together. Listening to the squeals of delight, the giggles as they chase each other round and round. Watching the way they wander off hand in hand together. And I stop and think – this is my perfect moment. This is what matters most; this is what really makes my life worth living.… Read more

Placentaphagy – yes, I ate my placenta and this is why

Placentaphagy – the act of eating one’s own placenta (or their baby’s placenta depending on who you assign ownership to) has been in the news lately after Colleen Rooney tweeted a picture of the capsules made from her son Kit’s placenta. Eating a placenta is something that many people would consider to be quite revolting, so why would you do it?… Read more

Wrapping myself in love - the power of a prayer shawl - Little Hearts, Big Love

Wrapping myself in love – the power of a prayer shawl

One of the outreach projects at our church under our last minister was the Prayer Shawl ministry project. Several women within the church were involved in knitting shawls which were given out to those in need of prayer. Shortly after finding out about Jessica’s heart condition during my pregnancy with her, I was given one of these shawls.… Read more

#366daysofgratitude and rememberlutions

Throughout 2015, one of my friends shared a photo each day on her Facebook feed showing one thing that she was thankful for each day. It was such a lovely positive thing to do and I really enjoyed seeing each day’s photo. It’s inspired me to do the same throughout 2016 – to find one thing in each day that I am grateful for.… Read more