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Friday Focus 04/11/16 – Dancing feet

This week, my happy moments seem to have revolved around dancing.  One of my favourite things about this time of year is watching Strictly on a Saturday night and I love seeing how much the girls love watching it too.  I often have to re-watch the dances on the TV as I’m so distracted by watching my girls holding hands and dancing together whilst watching it.  They both try to copy the moves as they go along and I’m quite impressed at the things they remember if they hear that music again later on – particularly when they suddenly end with a pose that they remember seeing on the TV!… Read more

The Friday Focus 28/10/16 – Celebrating Sophie’s birthday

This week has been all about getting ready for, and celebrating Sophie’s birthday.  I can’t quite believe that my baby girl is now three – and telling me quite firmly “I’m not a baby, I’m a little girl!”  Quite right too, but she’ll still always be my baby no matter how big she gets!… Read more

The Friday Focus 14/10/16 – Study mode

I’ve been in study mode this week.  My HR course is coming to an end with the last workshop coming up this weekend and the final assignment due in shortly afterwards so this week has been all about focusing on studying and preparing for that.  This last assignment is taking me quite some way out of my comfort zone and I’m feeling quite nervous about the workshop but hopefully all the hard work of planning and preparation will help it go well!… Read more

The Friday Focus 07/10/16 – A juggling act

We had hubby home for the weekend but come Monday morning it was back to flying solo once again.  This will be the pattern for the rest of the month – brief moments of family time followed by another trip away.  To some extent, I get used to it although I’m not sure it ever really gets any easier.  It’s not helped at the moment by the number of balls I’ve been juggling – planning and preparing for the last assignment on my HR course; helping to write song lyrics for, and organise, a concert at church; working part-time from home; blogging and of course, most importantly, being mummy.  Accepting that I can’t do it all and splitting the to-do list into ‘essential’, ‘desirable’ and ‘if time allows’ so I can prioritise what really matters and let go of the things that can wait.  Somehow the things that need to get done get ticked off the list.… Read more

Friday Focus 30/09/16 – Just a little bit tired

It’s been another week of flying solo with hubby having been away until yesterday and as the week comes to an end, my main feeling is just being tired.  I’ve been trying to juggle a few too many balls, had a to-do list that was just a little too long and burned the midnight oil one too many times.  I’m very thankful for hubby being home at least for the weekend (he’s away for most of next week) – just that extra pair of hands to take a little of the load off is helpful.… Read more


Friday Focus 23/09/16 – Flying solo

I’m flying solo once again with hubby working away on an event.  This is a busy time of year for him – from now until Christmas, we’ll have lots of spells of him working away and having to make the most of the time when he is home.  This week has been made a little harder by me being full of cold and not knowing exactly when hubby is going to be home again as the event he is currently working on may well run into the next one.  It makes it trickier to answer Jessica’s constant question “how many sleeps until Daddy comes home?” I’ve had to give her the longest option – much better that Daddy comes home sooner than expected than the girls being disappointed at him being away for longer than they thought.… Read more

The Friday Focus 09/09/16 – The start of school days

This week has seen two big milestones for Jessica with the start of school on Monday followed by her fifth birthday on Tuesday.  We had a party for her on Saturday in my in-laws’ garden followed by a quiet day on Sunday to prepare for the first day at school.  She was so excited about going to big school and seeing all her friends (a few of her friends from preschool, including her best friend E, are in her class).  I managed to send her in with a big smile on my face but the tea and tissues at the nearby Children’s Centre were very welcome afterwards!… Read more

The Friday Focus 02/09/16 – Savouring the end of summer

A summer full of fun and adventure is coming to an end. This week especially has been about trying to savour the little moments, trying to slow down time, to fully enjoy the moment and make the most of it. We’ve done so much together this week and always at the back of my mind has been the acute awareness that this time next week Jessica will be in school.… Read more