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Friday Focus 09/12/16 – Preparing for the Christmas concert

This week has been all about getting ready for tomorrow’s Christmas concert at church. Over the last few years, my mother-in-law and I have organised one or two concerts a year – usually in aid of one of the heart charities that have helped our family, or for the charities that the church is supporting at that time.… Read more

Friday Focus 02/12/16 – Let the festive season start!

December is here, the chocolate Advent calendars are being opened, and the girls are getting excited that Christmas is getting nearer! We’re doing a book Advent calendar again this year and I’m looking forward to snuggling up together each evening and reading a Christmassy story together. We also have a lovely Advent scene that the girls’ lovely godmother bought for them – each day we add another character and gradually build up a picture of a school Nativity production.… Read more

Friday Focus 25/11/16 – A little bit of company

Being at home all day with Sophie means we spend a lot of time on our own – just the two of us.  We get out and about, go for walks in nearby parks but it’s still just us two. As much as I love being with my children, I do feel a little lonely sometimes.  This week though, I’ve enjoyed plenty of adult company while still spending time with my children.  Two of my sisters have come to stay (not at the same time); I’ve enjoyed time catching up with a university friend and a lovely day out with my in-laws at the RHS Wisley Christmas craft fayre.  With hubby having another busy week and working long hours, the adult company has been even more appreciated.… Read more

Friday Focus 18/11/16 – The start of the busy season

It’s always around this point in the run-up to Christmas that I look at the calendar and suddenly realise that every weekend from now until the end of the year is accounted for and that the busy season is about to start! The last weekend was a very hectic one with ballet classes for Jessica and Sophie, two parties to attend, an evening with friends and the Remembrance Sunday parade filling the calendar.  I’ve spent the first half of this week recovering from it all – just in time for another weekend of busyness to commence!… Read more

Friday Focus 11/11/16 – Choosing love and kindness

This week feels very much like it has been overshadowed by the election of the US President. I woke at 2.30am on Wednesday morning, looked at my phone for the latest news – and never managed to go back to sleep.  Just like Brexit all over again really – that horrible feeling of wondering where this is all going to go and fearing for the world in which my girls will be growing up.  Two days on, having managed to have a decent night’s sleep since, I’m feeling a little more hopeful.  I can’t change the world, I can’t change the big things that will happen – but I can change my response to the world and I can make a difference in my own little world.  I can choose love and I can choose kindness – and I can make sure that my girls know that those are the things that really matter.… Read more

Friday Focus 04/11/16 – Dancing feet

This week, my happy moments seem to have revolved around dancing.  One of my favourite things about this time of year is watching Strictly on a Saturday night and I love seeing how much the girls love watching it too.  I often have to re-watch the dances on the TV as I’m so distracted by watching my girls holding hands and dancing together whilst watching it.  They both try to copy the moves as they go along and I’m quite impressed at the things they remember if they hear that music again later on – particularly when they suddenly end with a pose that they remember seeing on the TV!… Read more

The Friday Focus 28/10/16 – Celebrating Sophie’s birthday

This week has been all about getting ready for, and celebrating Sophie’s birthday.  I can’t quite believe that my baby girl is now three – and telling me quite firmly “I’m not a baby, I’m a little girl!”  Quite right too, but she’ll still always be my baby no matter how big she gets!… Read more

The Friday Focus 14/10/16 – Study mode

I’ve been in study mode this week.  My HR course is coming to an end with the last workshop coming up this weekend and the final assignment due in shortly afterwards so this week has been all about focusing on studying and preparing for that.  This last assignment is taking me quite some way out of my comfort zone and I’m feeling quite nervous about the workshop but hopefully all the hard work of planning and preparation will help it go well!… Read more

The Friday Focus 07/10/16 – A juggling act

We had hubby home for the weekend but come Monday morning it was back to flying solo once again.  This will be the pattern for the rest of the month – brief moments of family time followed by another trip away.  To some extent, I get used to it although I’m not sure it ever really gets any easier.  It’s not helped at the moment by the number of balls I’ve been juggling – planning and preparing for the last assignment on my HR course; helping to write song lyrics for, and organise, a concert at church; working part-time from home; blogging and of course, most importantly, being mummy.  Accepting that I can’t do it all and splitting the to-do list into ‘essential’, ‘desirable’ and ‘if time allows’ so I can prioritise what really matters and let go of the things that can wait.  Somehow the things that need to get done get ticked off the list.… Read more