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Siblings – March 2017

It’s crazy how quickly the weeks go by now that we are in a routine of school and preschool. Once we get home from the school run, the afternoon whizzes by in a blur of busyness – reading, doing the weekly home learning book activity, getting dinner ready and the girls fed and then before I know it it’s time for bath and bed.… Read more

Jessica and Sophie holding hands on a walk around Ankerwycke

Siblings – February 2017

We’re on half-term this week. The thing I love most about half-term is having both my girls at home and watching them enjoying spending time together again. To sit and listen to them playing with their toys and really using their imaginations is such a joy. They are much happier playing together during the weekends and holidays than in the afternoons during term-time.… Read more

Sophie wearing her preschool jumper, ready for her first day

To Sophie on her first day at preschool

Darling Sophie,

Today saw you take a little step into the world of independence – your first day at preschool. A new adventure, new opportunities to learn and to make friends. A few hours of your life each week that I will no longer have a share in. A time that I will only get to find out about from the little snippets of information that you or the preschool staff will share with me.… Read more

Me and Mine – December 2016

Christmas for me has always been about spending time with family – turning off the phone and the TV and just focusing on being together and having fun.  The period from Christmas until New Year is the one time of the year when hubby gets to properly switch off (the joys of running a business!) and we get to enjoy family time without any distractions.… Read more

Siblings – December 2016

This time of year is all about the magical moments. One of my favourite things about preparing for Christmas with two small children is seeing their excitement as it draws closer. The first thing the girls ask me each morning is if they can open their “chocolate calendar” and in the evenings, they take it in turns to add a picture to our Advent scene and open one of the books in the Advent book calendar.… Read more

A weekend with Monty the Monkey

I love the weekends – two whole days to spend with my two little monkeys.  This weekend, we had another not-quite-so-little monkey join us – Monty, the class toy. He’s almost as big as Jessica, who was very excited to be taking him home with her for the weekend.  It was a good weekend to have Monty – we had plenty of activities planned and the girls loved bringing him along to them.… Read more

Siblings – November

The last month has been a busy one with Sophie turning three and new activities starting for both the girls.  They were both very excited about starting ballet classes last week and it was lovely to watch each of them in their first ballet class and to see just how much they enjoyed it.  We’ve all settled in well to the routine of school days now.… Read more

Me and Mine – October 2016

Family moments have been few and far between this month as hubby has been working away from home for most of it.  There has been the odd day here and there when he is home but otherwise it’s just been me and the girls.

Hubby, me, Jessica and Sophie at church for Jessica's enrolment into Girls' Brigade - Me and Mine: October 2016

It’s hard when hubby is away.  The girls miss him and we have the odd tearful moment here and there when they just want Daddy home again and tell me to “magic him home.” Oh, if only it were that easy!  I miss having adult conversation in the evening and a second pair of hands to help with the children in the mornings (and occasionally bedtime although hubby is rarely home before the girls go to bed even when he isn’t away).  We adjust and we get used to it just being the three of us, but something always feels slightly out-of-kilter until hubby comes back home again.… Read more