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Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sea-themed crafts for preschoolers

We’ve been focusing on sea-themed crafts over the past week, creating a variety of fish and other sea creatures out of paper plates, plastic cups and bottles and toilet roll tubes. Most of these have been quite easy to make, although one or two have required a little more extra adult help, and both my girls have been having a great time with painting, sticking and gluing.… Read more

Making a bracelet using a pipe-cleaner and foam beads

Threading foam beads on to a pipe-cleaner is a great activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers as there are so many things they can learn through doing it. Threading the beads on to the pipe cleaner is great for improving fine motor skills plus it can also help them with counting numbers, and shape and colour recognition.… Read more

Three Little Pigs themed crafts

Jessica saw the Three Little Pigs performed at the Duplo Valley puppet show at Legoland on a recent visit there and the story seems to have really captured her imagination ever since. She spent quite a long time on the phone to my mum telling her all about the “piggies” and loved playing the Three Little Pigs board game.… Read more

Ziplock bag painting

I love painting with my girls but sometimes I’m just not in the right frame of mind for dealing with the mess that it generates. Ziplock bag painting seemed to be the perfect way to let the girls enjoy having fun with paints and not have any mess to clear up afterwards – plus I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about Sophie trying to eat the paint either!… Read more

Paper Plate Aquarium

Paper plates are a key item in our craft box – they are so useful as a paint palette whenever Jessica is doing painting or as the basis of a craft project. This week we’ve been making a paper plate aquarium.

Paper Plate Aquarium - Little Hearts, Big Love

To make the aquarium, you will need:

  • A blue paper plate (we used a white one that we had painted blue)
  • Puffed rice cereal
  • Fish shapes cut from coloured card
  • Green tissue paper strips
  • PVA glue

Paper Plate Aquarium - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica started by spreading glue across the bottom half of the plate and then sprinkling puffed rice cereal all over the glue and shaking off the excess.… Read more

Lolly-stick animals

Our latest mini creations project has been making different animals using coloured lolly-sticks, coloured card, foam shapes and googly eyes.

Lolly-stick animals - Little Hearts, Big Love

Spending time indoors invariably leads to Jessica wanting to do some “making” and Sophie’s afternoon nap is the perfect time to have some one-to-one time with my big girl and do some crafting together.… Read more

Creating Christmas cards

We’ve made a start on the Christmas crafts now with Jessica making her first Christmas cards.

We often use some of Jessica’s paintings as backgrounds for card making and this time we used them to create a Christmas tree on the card. I cut out a Christmas tree shape from a painting where she’d used a lot of green paint and a square for the pot from a red painting and helped Jessica stick these to the card.… Read more