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Easter crafts: creating an Easter basket with glittery eggs

The daffodils are popping up, the weather is getting warmer and Easter is on the way. This month’s #BostikBlogger craft box provided the perfect inspiration for some Easter crafts. My girls had a wonderful afternoon making Easter baskets out of craft foam and filling them with glittery eggs. The baskets are simple to make, although young children will need some adult help with making the basket.… Read more

A heart made from scrunched up tissue paper and glue

Tissue paper hearts – a simple Valentine’s craft for kids

Getting crafty with cardboard, tissue paper and glue is the perfect way to spend a rainy winter’s afternoon. Having a theme often helps provide inspiration for crafts. With Valentine’s Day coming up, our craft activities have been all about hearts. This year we are part of the Tots100 #BostikBlogger family. We were sent a box of crafts from Craft Merrily to help us get creative.… Read more

Making clothes peg dolls

With all the lovely weather we’ve been having this summer, we’ve spent very little time indoors doing crafts.  Last week we had a couple of rainy days though, and used it as an opportunity to make some clothes peg dolls.

Three dolls made from clothes pegs, pipe cleaners and scraps of wool and fabric

These little dolls are simple to make – although my girls needed a little assistance with a few of them steps.… Read more

Insect themed crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love

Insect-themed crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Our latest craft theme was insects and we’ve been busy creating various mini-beasts out of paper plates, egg cartons, craft sticks and other materials.  Here you can find out how to make all the different mini-beasts in our insect-themed crafts.  Some of them are fairly simple to make with just a little assistance needed; others are a bit more complicated – but they’ve all been a lot of fun to make.… Read more

Spring crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

The flowers are starting to appear in our garden and our crafts lately have been all about spring flowers too – creating a flower crown, making flowery pictures and creating our own mini garden as part of our spring crafts sessions.  Here’s our latest mini creations:

Spring crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love

Paper plate spring flower crown

This pretty spring flower crown is easy to make – although little ones may need an adult to do the first part for them.… Read more

Easter crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love

Easter crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Both of my girls love getting creative and with Easter just around the corner, we’ve been busy sticking, gluing, painting and printing and having fun with some Easter-themed crafts.  Here are some of the Easter crafts we’ve been doing lately:

Easter crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love

Paper bowl birds’ nests

These cute birds’ nests are perfect for putting small eggs in ready for Easter and are very easy to make.  We started off by painting the outside of the bowls brown using a mixture of brown paint and PVA glue and then sticking small twigs and pieces of brown pipe cleaner on the outside.  The paint and PVA glue mixture wasn’t great for sticking the twigs on – we found that drizzling glue all over the outside of the bowl was much more effective, although it did take a little longer to fully dry.… Read more

Footprint painting in the garden: the autumn edition - Little Hearts, Big Love

Footprint painting in the garden: the autumn edition

Footprint painting in the garden is one of the girls’ favourite things to do on a hot sunny day. Standing barefoot in trays of coloured paint, walking across lining paper and then washing off in the paddling pool afterwards is so much fun. Whilst the paddling pool has been well and truly packed away, I saw no reason why we couldn’t adapt this activity and have just as much fun creating footprint painting outdoors in the colder weather too.… Read more

Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love

Pirate crafts

Ahoy there, shipmates! With Jessica havin’ a couple o’ pirate party days at preschool this week, we’ve been a-focusin’ on pirate crafts, makin’ ourselves a fine treasure chest, spyglass an’ treasure map. So avast ye, me hearties, sit ye-selves down, and we’ll tell ye the tale of how we did it…

Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love - make ye-self a treasure map for yer booty, a spyglass to keep watch for scurvy knaves and a treasure map...


Every good pirate needs a spyglass when they be on the look-out in the crow’s nest an’ this one be easy t’ make with just a couple o’ cardboard toilet roll tubes an’ a plastic or paper cup.… Read more

Peg aeroplane - Up in the sky: themed crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love

Up in the sky: themed crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Every so often, we have a theme week for crafts. It makes it easier for me to think of ideas (or find some on Pinterest!) This week, we’ve taken inspiration from Mama vs Teacher’s linky Imagination Matters, using “in the sky” as the prompt for our crafting endeavours. Most of our creations have been simple enough for both Jessica and Sophie to join in with, without too much assistance being needed from Mummy.… Read more

Keeping my children's artwork - Little Hearts, Big Love

Keeping my children’s artwork

From the moment their chubby fingers could first hold a crayon, my children have loved drawing and colouring, and getting creative with paints, paper and glue to produce their mini masterpieces. Their artwork has taken over the door to our dining room and the side of the bookcase. I love displaying it.… Read more