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A drawing showing a daddy and child asleep in a double bed and mummy and another child asleep in a toddler bed

There were four in the bed – a tale of bedsharing woe

In the still of the night when Mummy’s curled up fast asleep

Over to her bed, one (or two) children creep

“Please, Mummy,” they ask, “can we sleep in your bed?”

A bleary-eyed Mummy sighs, nodding her head.

But she knows how the rest of the night will now go

This is her tale of bedsharing woe:

A drawing of a mummy, daddy and two children in a double bed - "There were four in the bed: a tale of bedsharing woe"


There was one in the bed and the Mummy said “how lovely, how lovely!”

So she rolled over and stretched herself out and drifted off to sleep before being woken moments later by the patter of small feet.… Read more

Wishing the moments away

Yesterday, you climbed into my lap for a snuggle
And I thought of the tasks that I needed to juggle
And instead of letting myself make the most of the cuddle
Impatiently waited for it to be through


All those times in the night when you had to be fed
All the hours I spent sitting next to your bed
Thinking of the things I could be doing instead
Worrying about everything I needed to do.… Read more

A brief moment of tidiness

It’s such a satisfying feeling when all the housework’s done,
So I stop and enjoy the moment because it doesn’t last for long.
Look, I can see all the floor! The toys are put away,
(It’s like the Hamleys bomb’s gone off when the kids come down and play!)

The windows are all shiny, no fingerprints or smears,
I’ll give it fifteen minutes before they start to reappear!… Read more

Jessica asleep in bed - An ode to the lie-in

Having a lie-in today

A rare opportunity – isn’t it bliss?
Hubby was the one to get up with the kids
Oh how I’m making the most out of this
I’m getting a lie-in today


How comfy the pillow feels under my head
How wonderful to be able to snuggle in bed
For the next hour or so, to the world I’ll be dead
I’m getting a lie-in today


Closing my eyes and just drifting away
Lulled to sleep by the muffled sounds as the kids play
If only each morning could start off this way!… Read more

An ode to bedtime

In my dreams: the end of day
Tidy up, put toys away
Run the kids a nice warm bath
Play with bubbles, have a laugh
Soft warm towels, nice and dry
Pyjamas on – it’s story time
Children snuggled in their beds
Lullabies for sleepy heads
A kiss goodnight, time to sleep
Tiptoe down the stairs I creep
Wine in hand, what’s on TV?… Read more

We Need A Bit Less Christmas

Last December we performed “We Need A Little Christmas” from Mame in our fundraising concert. This year, we decided to perform the same number again – with a little twist. This time, with our concert taking place in November rather than December, we decided to bemoan the fact that Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year and so I rewrote the lyrics to create our own version – “We Need A Bit Less Christmas”

We Need A Bit Less Christmas - Little Hearts, Big Love

Please stop this folly

For three long months it’s been in nearly every store

Cards, tinsel, holly

We’ve had enough, it’s getting to be quite a bore now


For we need a bit less Christmas

As it’s still November

Please stop singing carols

Wait until December

Yes we need a bit less Christmas

Hold off for a minute

It hasn’t snowed a single flurry

So why are we all in a hurry?… Read more

Dear bathroom fairy… a wishlist

I’d like the bathroom fairy to visit me
Waving her magical wand
“Tell me your wishes” she’d say to me
And this is how I would respond:

Dear bathroom fairy... a wishlist - Little Hearts, Big Love

Where do I start? Let’s stop and think.
Which part of my bathroom is worst?
That feeble shower without a doubt
That’s what I would want to go first

My ancient shower can only trickle
I’m sure it must be prehistoric
A power shower is what I need
To start the day feeling euphoric

The panel is cracked around the bath
And gaffer tape holds it together
I keep saying we’ll replace it soon
But it seems it’s been that way forever

Being a mum means I am surrounded by
Bath toys everywhere I survey
A shelf or two fixed to the tiles
Would be perfect to stow them away

My jacuzzi bath is just utter bliss
How I love lying there in the bubbles
As the water jets massage my skin
I relax and let go of my troubles

And nice warm towels when I get out
Would add to this feeling of bliss
The tiny radiator just isn’t enough
A heated towel rail is needed for this

Matching taps in bath and sink
See how their chrome sparkles and gleams
A sleek and modern look, I think
Is best for my bathroom of dreams

My current sink gets easily blocked
It’s something I’d like to replace
I wish the water would drain away
A little faster than at a snail’s pace

Now for the toilet – a family loo seat
Could help make a milestone successful
With potty training about to start
It might make the process less stressful

Pretty accessories here and there
Bright towels so soft to the touch
Maybe a mirror, a picture or two
To add the final finishing touch

My ideal bathroom is now complete
The perfect place to find relaxation
But the bathroom fairy can’t wave her wand
She exists just in my imagination

There’s another way for me to try
To bring this little dream to fruition
Through this, my Bella Bathrooms post
As an entry in their competition.… Read more