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The futility of trying to catch up with blogmin - Little Hearts, Big Love

The futility of trying to catch up with blogmin

Hubby’s away and I swear the children have a sixth sense for when I have a huge list of things to do once they’re in bed. To say bedtime has been protracted is an understatement – I have been up and down the stairs too many times and by the time both kids are asleep, it’s way past nine o’clock and I’m exhausted.… Read more

What I learned at BlogCamp

“It’s like meeting up with my friends except I’ve never met them before”

When I attended my first Tots100 BlogCamp event as a newbie blogger last October, I was excited, nervous and a little in awe of the established bloggers. I was looking forward to meeting up with other bloggers, putting faces to the blog names and learning more about how to be a better blogger.… Read more

Linkys, blog hops and blog carnivals: a guide

Joining in with blog linkys is a great way of finding other blogs to read and becoming part of a wider community of bloggers as well as helping make your own blog more visible to other bloggers. There are a huge range of different linkys out there for bloggers to take part in – some are based around themes, others are much more general.… Read more

My 1st blogiversary!

My little blog is one year old today and it feels like I have come a long way since I wrote my first post as part of last year’s 40acts challenge. Although I’d been blogging for several years beforehand, firstly as part of a writing challenge to write exactly 100 words each day and then later documenting my daughter Jessica’s heart journey, this was the first time I’d really given myself the space to write and reflect through blogging.… Read more

5 tips for blog organisation

Since starting this blog just under a year ago, I’ve learned so much about planning and scheduling posts, joining linkys, overcoming writer’s block and other things which have helped me along my blogging journey. I’ve gone from posting intermittently to posting daily, and have become much more organised about blogging as a result.… Read more

2015 – Looking ahead

2015 - Looking ahead - Little Hearts, Big LoveSince Jessica’s diagnosis, I don’t really tend to look ahead into the future – it feels far too uncertain and scary particularly with the possibility that 2015 will bring Jessica’s next major heart surgery. The first little milestone that 2015 will bring though is Jessica starting pre-school which is just under a week away.… Read more