Friday Focus 16/12/16 – Putting on a performance

All four members of my little family have been performing this week. On Friday, I got to see Jessica performing in two dances at the end of her ballet class and on Saturday morning, it was Sophie’s turn to show off some of the ballet steps she has learned. Hubby and I got to sing a duet together in our concert on Saturday evening as well as doing a solo each and taking part in various other numbers.  Tomorrow I’ll be singing a solo again in a carol service at church.


Performing - this week's word of the week


Yesterday, we had a very proud moment when we saw Jessica taking part in the nativity play. I was quite tearful watching her. The day before was one of her heart days and I couldn’t help thinking that this time five years ago, Jessica was in intensive care recovering from her second open-heart surgery. To be five years on from that time and able to see her playing the part of an angel in her nativity play is so wonderful. It was one of those moments when I was reminded once again of just how very lucky we are.

Jessica as an angel in her nativty play


Things I have loved this week:

  • Having a working fridge-freezer again.
  • Having my mum come and stay for the weekend.

Jessica and Sophie with my mum

  • Pretty flowers as a thank you for helping organise the concert.

Jessica and Sophie with their wooden jigsaw puzzles posing for a photo with Father Christmas

  • Jessica’s birthday card to her toy “Pink Cat” as she decided it was Pink Cat’s fifth birthday at the weekend.

The birthday card that Jessica made for her toy "Pink Cat"

  • Watching Sophie dancing outside the school gates while waiting to go in.
  • Trying out new recipes from the HelloFresh box that we’ve recently subscribed to.

Garlic prawns with pesto and mini roast potatoes

  • Making Christmas presents with the girls.


The Reading Residence

18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 16/12/16 – Putting on a performance

  1. Anne

    Awww what an adorable Angel, so sweet, we do have to count our blessings sometimes don’t we. Yesterday it was my girl’s third anniversary of her first operation to fix her broken neck, it turned out to be the first of five visits to the surgery but we had no idea at the time. My girl had a real halo that Christmas.
    It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week and I’m sure the excitement must be building in your girls for the big day next week xx

    1. Louise Post author

      Thank you Anne – what an anniversary to remember for you and I can imagine it must have been a very anxious time for you all. Hope all is well with your daughter now and hope you all have a lovely Christmas 🙂

  2. The Reading Residence

    The perfect word for you this week, and how wonderful all performances sound. Glad yours went well and it must have been so lovely watching the girls – Jessica looks so sweet there! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Sarah MumofThree World

    What a beautiful moment to see Jessica performing in her nativity. How exciting that you’ve all been performing this week! All of my kids have done a performance over the last couple of weeks (my daughter has done loads!), but the adults don’t get involved!
    Your recipe looks delicious!

    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks Sarah – the nativity was definitely the highlight of the week. Hope your children have enjoyed all of their performances 🙂

  4. Carol Cameleon

    Oh your weeks are always so happy and full of gratitude Louise. It’s just lovely to read and see! And how incredibly emotional for you to see Jessica in her performance. 🙂 #wotw

    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks Nat – the HelloFresh boxes are great, not the cheapest but nice to do now and then – they’ve been great for encouraging me to try new recipes 🙂

  5. Sarah Christie

    Ah Louise this made me well up, Jessica is a little miracle its incredible how brave she is, I have said before my fired daughter is a heart baby and whenever i look at her it takes my breath away how brave she is and how far she has come x


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