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Review – Real Baking Cookie Kit

I’ve been enjoying another baking session with my girls following on from last week’s attempt at making cake pops.  This week, we have been making cinnamon cookies and trying out the Cookie Kit from Vivid’s Real Baking range.

Real Baking Cookie Kit containing a rolling pin, dough guide, silicon baking mat, cookie cutters and a piping bag


The Cookie Kit consists of a selection of cookie cutters in different shapes, a rolling pin, a silicon baking sheet and dough guide and a piping bag.   It’s designed to be used once the cookie dough itself is made as it doesn’t include any utensils or recipes for making the cookies. Fortunately, we have a few tried and tested recipes that always go down well with the girls.


Sophie helped me make the cookie dough while Jessica was at school. We left it to chill in the fridge while we did the school run so it was ready to use when we came home.

Jessica rolling out the dough in the dough guide

The rolling pin in the kit is just the right size for Jessica to use and the dough guide was perfect for helping get the dough to just the right thickness for cutting out shapes.  The silicon baking sheet which fits inside the dough guide can be put straight into the oven.  It is quite small though – only big enough to fit a few cookies on – so baking trays were needed too.  I found it quite fiddly to take the silicon sheet out of the oven again though if it was put directly on the shelf and found it much easier if I put it on top of a normal baking tray first.

Cookies cut out on the silicon baking sheet

There are two different sizes of cookie cutter in the kit.  The smaller shapes can be used to create cut-outs inside the larger shape and the instructions suggest putting a boiled sweet in the cut-out area before putting the cookies in the oven to make stained glass cookies.  We didn’t have any boiled sweets though so just made the cookies with a cut-out section instead.

The cookies cooling on a wire rack after they came out of the oven

Once the cookies had cooled down, we used the piping bag to pipe some icing on to the cookies before the girls then added sprinkles.  It was the first time either of the girls had used a piping bag and they loved it.  They did a fairly good job of piping the icing on to the cookie (and on to the table too – although it wasn’t quite as messy as I thought it might be!)

Jessica piping icing on to her cookies

I liked the variety of cookie cutters in the kit – there were enough of them that the girls happily cut out cookies together without any squabbles over who was using which cookie cutters (always a good thing!)  It would have been nice to have some recipe suggestions for cookies in the instructions but the girls enjoyed using the kit to make the cookies once the cookie dough had been made.  It’s certainly something that will be getting a lot of use in our baking sessions in the future!


Disclaimer: I was sent a set of Real Baking products from Vivid to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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11 thoughts on “Review – Real Baking Cookie Kit

    1. Louise Post author

      The different shapes are fab and I love that you can do cut-out biscuits with them. I am sure Boo would love it 🙂

  1. Plutonium Sox

    I’ve read a few reviews of these sets and it does sound like they’re not quite there yet. Definite potential to be really good sets in the future if they take on board the learning points from reviews though.

    1. Louise Post author

      Yes, just a couple of small changes would make them really good. We have lots of baking things so it’s not a big deal for us but if you don’t bake together very often, having those as part of the kit would really help.


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