Paper Plate Aquarium

Paper plates are a key item in our craft box – they are so useful as a paint palette whenever Jessica is doing painting or as the basis of a craft project. This week we’ve been making a paper plate aquarium.

Paper Plate Aquarium - Little Hearts, Big Love

To make the aquarium, you will need:

  • A blue paper plate (we used a white one that we had painted blue)
  • Puffed rice cereal
  • Fish shapes cut from coloured card
  • Green tissue paper strips
  • PVA glue

Paper Plate Aquarium - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica started by spreading glue across the bottom half of the plate and then sprinkling puffed rice cereal all over the glue and shaking off the excess.

Paper Plate Aquarium - Little Hearts, Big Love


Paper Plate Aquarium - Little Hearts, Big Love

She then glued on some fish shapes and we drew some eyes and mouths on these.

Paper Plate Aquarium - Little Hearts, Big Love

Finally, we added some green tissue paper strips for seaweed. Jessica enjoyed scrunching up the tissue paper and having little seaweed balls.

Paper Plate Aquarium - Little Hearts, Big Love

She was really pleased with her aquarium and it was such a nice simple pre-schooler activity that I’ll be giving it a try again this week when I run the craft session at toddler group.

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34 thoughts on “Paper Plate Aquarium

  1. My Bored Toddler (@myboredtoddler)

    This is great! My toddlers will love doing this – especially love the puffed rice. Very creative!

  2. Spidermummy

    This looks like great fun & really simple too! My son made a really cool one at school using a shoe box on it’s side x

  3. Nicola

    A lovely fishy craft idea. Love the use of the rice krispies for the sea bed. We ve had a go at making goldfish bowls today using paperplates and bubblewrap. #letkidsbekids

  4. Debbie

    Such a cheap and simple idea that looks like it kept Jessica entertained. She looks so sweet too. I used to enjoy making things with the children when they were little, now they’d look at me like I was crackers!

  5. kidGLloves

    Lucas says – What an AWESOME idea. This is such a cool aquarium………… and if you get a little hungry when making it, you also have a snack available. Works for me!!! Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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